The Harrow family were British Australians.

Alan James Harrow
Arthur Abel Harrow (father)
Douglas Arthur Harrow (is there a Douglas MacArthur connection here?)
Edith Emilia Harrow
Robert Andrew Harrow

January 6, 2004

Dear Mr. Moore,

All these "Harrow's" were internees in Santo Tomas Civilian internment Camp.

Edith eventually graduated from Santo Tomas University School of Medicine and is a practicing physician in Internal Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio.

Douglas is my husband and I met him in Baguio City, Philippines in 1968 when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer stationed in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

Talk about coincidence -- Dr. Dana Nance, one of the Camp physicians, ended up as a physician in my home town, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Another strange connection.

I have sent emails to the former publisher of the Oak Ridger and he forwarded one to the daughter of Dr. Dana Nance about the memories of some of the internees and how brave and courageous Dr. Nance was to put down malnutrition as a cause of death even though the Japanese threatened him with execution. Mr. Eugene Kneebone told me of the incidents when he learned I was from Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Great to see this page.


Virginia Adams Harrow
Home: 770-638-2957
Stone Mountain, GA 30087-3258
E-mail Virginia_Harrow@emoryhealthcare.org

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