November 9, 2006

Hi pepperbud!

My family was interned in Santa Tomas and don’t seem to be on your list. My mother Gladys Caroline (Harper) Wichman and my father Ernst Hermson Wichman, my brother Douglas Johnathon Wichman and my brother Daniel Lee Wichman were in the camp. I’ll see if I can find a picture of them during that time period.

My aunts and uncles on my mothers side plus my grandmother and grandfather on my mothers side were also in the camp.

My grandmother Maria Dolores Harper and my grandfather Harper.
My uncle Arthur Harper.
My mother Gladys Harper.
My uncle James Harper.
My aunt Florence Harper.
My aunt Ruth Harper.
My uncle Stephen Harper.
My uncle David Harper.
My aunt Grace Harper.
My aunt Mildred Harper –killed during liberation of camp.
My uncle John Harper.

All deceased except David, Grace, and Florence.

Also some of my fathers family the Wichman clan were also in the camp but I’ll have to get back to you on the names.

Thanks for the website. Just a little note* that music is driving me crazy—how did they stand it. It’s cute for about 1 minute. Then its torture!


Caroline Kelley ( I was born in 1947 so I wasn’t there, obviously, but if they hadn’t been rescued, I wouldn’t be here)
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