From "Santo Tomas" by Frederic H. Stevens:
Alaistair Cameron Hall (1910 - 1971) (British)

September 17, 2007

My name is Roderick Hall (born 1932). My father was Alaistair "Shorty" Hall, interned in santo Tomas. My mother was Consuelo McMicking (maiden name), born in Manila (1909-1945). I was not in camp, as we all lived with my grandmother in the Malate District. The entire family was arrested on 20 January, 1945, and taken to the Masonic Temple on Taft Avenue. The servants, my brother Ian (born 1934) and I were released. The rest of the family (my mother, grandmother, uncle and aunt) were kept prisoners. They were executed in late January 1945.

I now reside in England, and over the past 8 years have collected books on personal stories of experiences within the Philippines during WWII. Recently I gave my collection of almost 600 books to the Filipinas Heritage Library in Manila, where it will be available for future scholars who want to hear first hand the many stories that make up the horror of the war years in the Philippines.


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