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August 27, 2004

Dear Pepperbud:

My name is Marty Hagans, my Father Ben Hagans his Mother Egnacia and Father Broadwell were held at Santo Thomas. He is now 73 and his memories are still quite vivid of this time in his life. However he does not talk about it much except the games that he and the other children played. He once told me of a beating he received from the Japs for stealing rice and oats that they feed to the horses. He recalled that his pockets were full and he was feeling quite proud of himself when the guards caught him. His pockets had holes in them and all the guards had to do was follow the trail of rice to his nipa where he and his Mother stayed.

I am researching our Family history and because most of the war records were destroyed this is difficult to piece together.

Do you remember him or his Family? Any information you have would be of great importance to me.

I thank you for your time and hope you are well.

Marty Hagans

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