Clara Louise Gunn
Constance Gunn (later, Minor) (19?? - 2009)
Donald Olson Gunn
Julie Marie Gunn (daughter)
Nathaniel Irvin Gunn (son)
Paul Clyde Gunn (son)

As the fall of the Philippines became apparent, Paul Gunn was ordered to fly a load of high ranking officers to Australia and to remain there with the newly organized US Army forces. Since his wife - PI called her Polly - and their children were with him in Manila, he was not happy about the assignment. Before he left he gave Polly a wad of cash and instructed her to not worry about him. Polly and the children would be interned by the Japanese for the duration of the war. After he got to Australia, Paul Gunn started fighting his own war, and began performing some truly amazing feats that probably exceeded the tall tales that he became famous for telling to the young officers and enlisted men he came to know in coming years.

Nathaniel Irvin Gunn has written a book about his father, "Pappy Gunn". You can find out more about the book and how to order a copy at the following link:

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