JOE FROST (1887-1945)

August 17, 2005

Just to straighten things out, my wife Lyn runs the computer, and I should explain that I am her husband, Findlay Dunachie. My interest tend to be centred on China and I myself was interned in Chapei, Shanghai (Lyn wasn't even born at the time).

I'm trying to find out something about Joe Frost (1887-1945), interned in Lunghwa, died just after the War from typhoid. His wife and family were all in Britain and had had no news of him since 1941. His interest was meterorology, but whether professional or not his daughter (now aged 90) does not know.

Joe Frost: Yes please build a page for him, if you would, but it's a very long shot. A friend of mine (also interned in Chapei) was visiting an old lady of 90, who was wondering how she could get any information about her father, the said Joe Frost.. Probably all this came out because they had the topic of internment camps in common, because it's hard to believe that over the last 60 years her family did nothing about finding about the male parent. Of course, since he was 78 in 1945, his former employers would probably know nothing about him. The lady also, according to my friend, tended to get "confused", so if any news comes, it may be too late.

By all means add my name to the Chapei list. I'll spread the word a bit.

Findlay Dunachie

January 17, 2006


I had to check my records, but I came up with the following:

Surname Given Name Age Natlty Occupation Additional Information In date
Frost Joe 68 Brit elec engineer J Frost & Co. Apr 43 died 30 July 45

As I mentioned earlier, his nickname was "Freezer," no doubt due to the British proclivity of granting nicknames to anyone with a surname remotely connating a characteristic.

Joe Frost, AMIEE, Chart EE, had his own consulting company. His consulting company was for electrical engineering, as well as inspectors to Shanghai Fire Insurance Association Loss Adjusters. It was located at 180 Canton Road.


Greg (Leck)


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