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From the book, "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens:

British citizens:
Cornelius Stanley Fisher, Sr. (father, July 5, 1905 - September 17, 1946)
Mercedes Fisher (mother, October 14, 1904 - November 20, 1980)
Arthur Lewis Fisher (son, deceased, Chicago)
Elinor "Lin" Patricia Fisher (daughter)
Lionel Lawrence Fisher (son)
Robert Donald Fisher (son, deceased, New York)
Stanley (son, deceased, Los Angeles)
(Stanley was born several months before the war and because he was an infant was allowed by the Japanese to remain with his grandparents in Manila when the rest of our family entered Santo Tomas. We were reunited after the liberation.)

Cornelius Stanley and Mercedes Fisher

Bottom left, Mercedes with Blanca

Cornelius Stanley with his brother Lionel when the two were 5 and 3 years old.
Cornelius' second son, Lionel, is named after his uncle.

Mercedes with oldest son Arthur, Hong Kong, 1927

Cornelius Stanley with children, Hong Kong, 1937

Lionel and Elinor (Lin) Fisher, Manila, 1938

Lionel and Arthur, Hong Kong, 1937 -- Arthur and Robert, Manila 1940

Fisher family amah holding Robert, with Lin, Arthur and Lionel, Hong Kong 1938

Lin, Lionel and Robert (with helmet), Hong Kong 1938

Lionel, first communion, Manila 1941 and Manila 1950

Unidentified Catholic nuns with Mercedes Fisher and Stanley and Lionel (right)
aboard SS Klipfontein on return voyage to Manila, 1946.

Stanley and Lin, Chelsea Hotel, NYC 1947

Stanley, Robert and Lin, Chelsea Hotel, NYC 1947

Lionel with dog and friend Joseph Molloy, Chelsea Hotel, NYC, 1947

Clockwise, Stanley, Lin, Robert and Lionel, Central Park, NYC 1947

De La Salle High School soccer team
Lionel Fisher, back row second from right

New York City, December 1978

The Peninsula

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