From the book, "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens, this American family is listed:

Louis Raggio Ferroggiaro (father) (1903 - 1971)
Marie Louise Ferroggiaro (mother) (1895 - 1973
Joan Patricia Ferroggiaro (daughter) (1932 - 2005)

May 3, 2009

My grandparents were in St Tomas Louis and Marie Ferroggiaro, also My Aunt Patricia Ferroggiaro. I believe my grandfather has something to do with Either G.M or Studebakerin Manila.

Marie Gray

October 25, 2009


My name is Lou Gopal. I am the producer/director of the documentary film "Victims of Circumstance", the story of the internees who were incarcerated at University of Santo Tomas during the Japanese occupation. I happened to see your guestbook entry and did a little snooping around. I also happen to be an alumni of the American School in Manila. In researching through my old yearbooks in my library, I happened to find this 3rd Grade picture taken in 1941 of Patricia Ferroggiaro (see attachment), daughter of Louis Raggio Ferroggiaro and his wife Marie Louise. He was listed as being age 52 (in 1944), salesman, and billeted in the Education Bldg. His wife Marie was 48, housewife housed in room 8 as was Joan Patricia, age 11 living in the same room with her mother.

(Here is that picture.)

(and a closer look at Patrica's face)

I hope you find this little bit of information interesting. If you should be interested in the film, please see my website at: http://www.lougopal.com It is the only documentary made that tells the story of these internees. All profits are donated to Internee/POW organizations.

Kindest Regards,

Lou Gopal

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