Charles Aaron Fanton (father)
Doris Burnadette Fanton (mother)
Bruce Raymond Fanton (son)
Carol Ann Fanton (daughter)

September 29, 2005

My sister and I are about all that's left of our family. My parents and several family members were interned in Santo Tomas for three years. My dads name was Charles Aaron Fanton, my moms name was Doris Bernice Fanton, my brother was Bruce Raymond Fanton, my sister Carol Ann Fanton. I was born Feb. 14, 1945, Doris Bernadette Fanton.

My dad was a dentist and did dental work for the prisoners. He died shortly after he was liberated from health problems. When I was five, my family moved to the California where we had relatives.

If you can give me any information or direct me to any resources I would appreciate it.


Dori Wickert

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