May 12, 2004

Eugene J. Faggiano, Eileen H. Faggiano and their two children, Jim Faggiano and Jean Marie Faggiano were interned at STIC from 1/42 till 2/45.

We lived in Manila at the time of the war and were living with the Senator Montenola family, as tenants.

Eugene was working for Macondray company at the time but was previously employed by American President lines and following his return to the U.S. was re-employed with APL.

I was 11 yrs old at the time of liberation and have my picture included in the March 5, 1945 issue of Life Magazine (my back to camera - in a striped shirt).
I have loads of memorabilia from the camp and a local paper is currently doing a "biography" of sorts for their Memorial Day edition.

Have a picture of my sister that was in Stars & Stripes, showing a G.I. giving her the doll he took from the Jap officer he killed. She, to my knowledge, still has the doll.

Jim Faggiano
former member Lost Tribe of the Philippines - STIC

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