From "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens, page 489
Edward Braxton Davis, died February 1, 1945

From "Santo Tomas Internment Camp" by J.E. McCall, page 138
Edward B. Davis, male, American, 63 years old, died February 1, 1945 of Sprue

March 12, 2010


My grandfather, Edward Braxton Davis, Sr., was interred and died before liberation. I am trying to find out where he might be buried. My wife and I plan to visit Manila in early June and would like to visit his grave if we can locate it. The consulate has no record of him. He was a civilian, but I do not know which camp we was in when he died.

He was from Dinwiddie County, Virginia

Thank you,

Edward Braxton Davis, III, Charleston, SC

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