December 11, 2006

Hi.. Mr. Tom Moore. I'm here to contribute a name of a family member who has been interned at the Santo Tomas University, or University of Santo Tomas as it is known today.

Let me first introduce myself and tell you how I am related that family member. I am Arvin Aningalan, a 20 year old filipino, born and raised here in the Philippines. even when I was a child, my mom told me that my great great grandfather (the grandfather of my grandmother), Mr. Willard Bruce Drummond, was interned at the university. Incidentally, three generations of my family studies at the University (My grandfather, who was part of the Bataan Death March, My Mom, and Me).

Last year, the university museum held an exhibit about the Interment Camp, and I saw that they have a complete official list of all the civilian internees. I also saw the name of my great great grandfather. I was searching the internet for that list and yours was the one who has the most entries so far. I just wanna inform you there exist such a list, and it's right here in the university. It's more of like a memorial, 2 large pieces of black stone with the internees name engraved.

As of now, I can't offer you any proof that Mr.Drummond stayed at the university, but my grandmother, who changed her last name to a filipino one during the war, used to bring food and supplies to him. I would also like for Mr. Drummond to be part of the list. He was an american, but he stayed here in the philippines since the filipino/american-spanish war.

Thank you very much, if you want more info about the present day University, just contact me...

Arvin Aningalan
E-mail radv_145@yahoo.com

December 12, 2006 -- And here's more from Arvin...

I haven't contacted my grandmother yet.. my lolo william (Lolo as grandpa, and william as his nickname) died sometime in september of the 1960s of throat cancer.. my lola has the papers about this.. maybe this weekend when we visit her..

Thanks for the page! I appreciate it very much, it's my way of giving justice to the experiences and sufferings of my great great grandfather in Japanese hands, as well as those who are still unknown..

I saw the name Mark Drummond too on the exhibit, I asked my grandma about it and as far as she knows, Lolo william (Lolo as grandpa, and william as his nickname) was the only relative that we have on the internment camp.. About the book, it is not available here for sale, i saw it at the catalog of the university library but there's only 1 copy left and i cant find it.. do you know where I can buy it?? Im so interested on seeing lolo william in a book, and my grandma would really appreciate it she herself can see it..

Do you know where I can get the complete list of the internees tho? or do you know more information about lolo william during his stay inside the university?

About my grandfather, his name was Pedro Decal Macatangay, he died on october 11 (or was it 12) 1993. He was part of the USAFFE as a field medic. He finished Medicine in the University of Santo tomas, and he stopped his practice just to help our fellowmen. When the USAFFE surrendered, he became a part of the infamous death march. He was one of the lucky soldiers who were able to spend part of the march riding in army trucks. He suffered malaria, seizures and other war related diseases even after the liberation. My mom even told me that he can't keep his food down, that he has to go the bathroom everytime he eats something.

Those are things that I know so far. this weekend, I hope to add more, like official positions and birthdays etc.. my grandma doesn't remember them all, but she has it on paper somewhere...

Thanks for the effort in compiling and giving a memorial to these unknown heroes of the deadliest war in history.


If you would like to share any information about the Willard Bruce Drummond
or would like to be added to my POW/Internee e-mail distribution list,
please let me, Tom Moore, know.

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