Dixson family members who were in Santo Tomas at one time or another durning the Japanese occupation of the Philippines:

Ralph C. Dixson (father, 1905 - 1959)
Willard James Dixson aka "Willy" or "Bill" (son, born in 1935)
Sally Dixson (daughter)

All information, documents and photos on this page are courtesy of the Dixson family.

Ralph C. Dixson

February 3, 2009

Dear Mr. Moore,

Could please add my father's name, Willard James Dixson, to the list. My father was born in the Philippines and was interned when he was 7 years old. My father says,

"I was in internment and a POW in Santo Tomas Hospital Prison camp during the years of 1941- 1945. At that time I was the young age of 7. All American born citizens were put in the camp. I am the son of Ralph Clifton Dixson (1905-1959) a Gorilla war fighter of the American Army during the Philippine Japanese war."

Thank you much,

Jeneane (Daughter of Willard Dixson)

Jeneane and Willard Dixson

Oregon Newspaper - March 1959

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