Fantastic piece of Postal history from the Stanley Internment camp in Hong Kong - during Japanese occupation in 1942 - to New Zealand.

Cover bears Japanese stamp cancelled with special Japanese occupation datestamp (Horizontal lines, Stars etc) 17 6 27 = 17th year Showa dynasty 6th month 27th day (27 June 1942). Back shows cover sent from Mrs H Davies, Block 3, Room 14 (Stanley Internment Camp) and has been sent to her brother-in-law (Rev Jock Davies in New Zealand).

Here is a typed version of the letter with notes.

"Internment Camp, Stanley, Hong Kong, May 20th 1942.

Dear Jock,

You will be wondering what has happened to us during the six months we have been interned on Kowloon and here. At first I was very unwell, but have improved in health after recovering from that malignant malaria. It was found that the common form persisted, quinine now keeps that in check.

Time passes quickly: washing, mending, making garments from odds and ends, reading. Many old friends are here. Frances, Alistair, Jack, very good to me. Exceptionally cool season. Food sufficient for my appetite. Occasional parcel from kind Hong Kong friends welcome treat.

Haven't heard of Dad since February. Had been taken home after short internment Shameen. Was well, busy. May have been sent Shanghai. Probably still Canton, with Red Cross people.Cheung-Chau trees gone, home uninhabitable. Wish we could hear from you and Pamela; both are in our thoughts daily.

Cheerio! Keep smiling, pray on. Greet relatives and friends. Best love.

(Mrs. H. ) M. T. Davies"

Note that five weeks elapsed between the letter being written and the being processed by the Japanese. Susequently routed through American channels (USA 128 censorship tape) to New Zealand.

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