Alice Elizabeth Lye Broaddus (mother) (1904-2002)
Alice Ruth Broaddus (daughter)
David Thomas Broaddus (son)
Elizabeth Lillian Broaddus (daughter)
Evelyn Doreen Broaddus (daughter)
Marjorie Edna Broaddus (daughter)
Sarah Elise Broaddus (daughter)
Victor Neal Broaddus (son) (1926-2002)

The Broaddus family in Santo Tomas were members of the Church of Christ.

June 22, 2006

I am Alice Ruth Broaddus Chastain. We were from the Church of Christ. Please add me to your POW/Internee e-mail distribution list. Also, my mother's name is not listed (now listed). It was Alice Elizabeth Lye Broaddus. She died in 2002. Victor Neal also died in 2002. The rest of us are still living - David in CA, Sarah and Evelyn in IN, Elizabeth in GA, Marjorie in Ohio, and I am in Mississippi. I am attempting to write a book about my mother's life. Any information about the Santo Tomas days would be helpful since I was so young in the camp.

Thank you,

Ruth Chastain

June 26, 2006

Mr. Moore,

First of all, fantastic site!! As an amateur family historian I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts in providing this information and finally shedding some light on the ordeal of those in the camp.

I am the son of Elizabeth Lillian Broaddus. Emmitt Lackey Broaddus (father) and Alice Elizabeth Lye Broaddus were Church of Christ missionaries based out of Hong Kong. Unfortunately, Emmitt and his family were separated and he died in Hong Kong before the family could be reunited.

Again, thank you for your effort in telling their story.


Tom Lowe

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