October 6, 2005

I was in the camp with my parents & elder sister. Unfortunately I have a total mental block (only 2 on entry & 5+ exiting) on my early days, possibly because we went back to Shanghai & were then ejected, then Hong Kong & then back to UK to boarding school in 1950 when I was 10. Maybe I got the feeling I wasn't wanted!

Both parents died some time ago & I am playing around with Family Tree. Parents never talked about Camp & Pop died aged 67 while I was in Africa (for 20 years on the West Coast) so we never had a chance to talk.

My sister came across this photo of the "exodus". My father is the shirtless one with the arm up & the "Victory" sign. I think I may be the waif in the foreground holding hands with a GI.!

Will be "surfing" to find what I can pick up!


Mike Billinghurst
28, Brickwall Close
Essex CM0 8HB

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