Austin Lee Moore and Mary Arbell "Maude" Willisms

Austin 1877 - 1950 *** Maude 1875 - 1914
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Austin Lee Moore was born on August 26, 1877 (or 1868), in Hartsville, Wright County, Missouri to Wilson Lee and Margaret Jane "Maggie" (Boulware) Moore. Mary Arbell "Maude" Williams was born on August 3, 1875, in Wright County, Missouri to John Alison and Mary Ellen (Shields) Williams.

Austin and Maude were married on April 22nd or 30th, 1897 (but,more research is necessary...) in Wright Count, Missouri.

Seven children were born to Maude and Austin. Arta Lee Moore, Audie Moore, Richard Otto Moore, Tom Moore, Susie Moore, Edna Moore and Harry Eugene Moore. All the other children lived on to adulthood.

Maude died August 29, 1914 in Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma. Austin Lee died March 15, 1950 in Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma. They are both buried in the Lona Valley Cemetery in Quinton, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.

As of today November 25, 2016 they had seven children, ?? grandchildren, ??? great grandchildren and ??? great-great grandchildren. Check back for the real totals as they are tallyed.

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