ANNE CLINTON (1883 - 194?)

October 29, 2004

Hello, My Grandmother's sister, Anne Clinton, was interned at Stanley Internment Camp, Hong Kong. I found her name in Gwen Dew's book "Prisoners of the Japs". I don't know much about her. She died of heart failure in the late 1940s, due to the poor conditions and food at the camp I was told.

I was wondering if the is any information on the people held in the camp. I remember hearing that she said that the Korean guards were worse then the Japanese guards.

I don't know much about Anne Clinton. Anne worked as a manager in Gray's Yellow Lantern Shop first in Shanghai and then in Hong Kong. Anne was from the Melbourne, Australia area. I still have cousins there.

I received the e-mail below from Mr. Power giving her date of birth.

Bob Denig

April 20, 2002

Dear Mr Denig

We looked up the camp roster for Stanley Camp in Hong Kong and found a listing for Miss Anne Clinton, shopkeeper, who was interned there from January 1942 to August 1945. Apart from her year of birth given as 19 October 1883 there was nothing else on her record. Sorry if this brief information is disappointing to you.

Desmond Power
NOTE: Desmond has a great web site about Japanese Internment Camps in China and Hong Kong during WWII

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