(June 1934 - July 1936)

- June 4, 1934: Orders received to report for enlistment at Randolph Field to become a Flying Cadet on June 30, 1934.

- July 16, 1934 through Feb 15, 1935: Flying Log of Emil S. Scott, Flying Cadet, Room 30, A Co., Randolph, Field, Texas.

- 1934: Three post cards to Mr. E. S.(one to S.E.) Scott, Flying Cadet Barracks B ("B Stage"), Randolph Field, Texas.
(Jul 18th from Armide, Oct 3rd from G(?)uo Vaaire, Julia Riley, Dorothy Puter and Martin Stem(?), and Nov 12 from Mary Ellen)

- July 24, 1934: Emil's father, "Papa", remarries. Wedding day of Valdese Grammer Scott and Lewis Lorenzo Scott.

- 1934/5: Looks like a white glove inspection!

- 22 June 1935: Certificate of Graduation in Pursuit aviation.

- 22 June 1935: Instrument Flying Without Peeping (certificate), Kelly Field, Texas.

- June 22, 1935: Graduation Announcement - The Air Corps Advanced Flying School, Kelly Field, Texas, Graduation Exercises for the Class of June 22, 1935 at the Post Theatre. Flying Cadet Emil S. Scott.

- The following Army Extension Courses (certificates) were given at Langley Field, VA:
-- Pursuit Aviation, March 5, 1936
-- Bombardment Aviation, May 22, 1936
-- Supply and Mess Management, May 28, 1936
-- Attack Aviation, June 1, 1936

- June 5, 1936: "Emil S. Scott, 6256365, Flying Cadet, Cadet Det., 2nd Bomb Group ... Termination of Status As Flying Cadet ..."

- 13 June 1936: Appointed Second Lieutenant in the Air Corps.

- June 30, 1936: Appointed 2nd Lt. Air-Res, O-346264, Langley Field, VA.

- July 25, 1936: Picture dated 7-25-36, Combat Crew 49th Bombardment Squadron, shows Emil in the front row, 5th from right. Photo by U.S. Army Air Corps, 2nd Photo Section, Langley Field, Virginia. Plane is a Martin Bomber (B10).

Oops..Guess they can't all be perfect.

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